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D&D Engineered Components

1200 Ton Verson Automatic Press

Heavy Gauge Stamping

100 HP Feeder

Heavy gauge stamping is about having the right equipment.  We offer up to 5/8" (16mm) thick steel stampings.  Our 100 HP feeder allows us to stamp heavy gauge parts off coil.  Maximum stock thickness of 0.625" at 12" wide or 0.250" at 24" wide.  This unique capability provides our customers the option to replace higher volume laser cut or waterjet components with stamped blanks.

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Having the right equipment is just the start.  Robust tooling capable of stamping heave gauge parts is the key to our success.  We have decades of experience stamping heavy gauge parts for all sorts of industries including: automotive, aerospace, recreation vehicles, military and off-highway.

1/2" Thick Exhaust Flanges

9/16" Thick Brake Backing Plates

Military Armor Plating Blanks

Aerospace Brake Stator Plates